Schenck RoTec is launching at Intermach an instrument for vibration analysis

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Schenck RoTec is launching at Intermach an instrument for vibration analysis


The world leader on balance and diagnostic market, Schenck Rotec, is launching at Intermach the Smartbalancer ECO, new instrument for vibration analysis. The easy-to-operate instrument reaches this year for emerging markets as an input solution in the vibration analysis, field balancing and diagnostic areas. The company’s equipment meet metalworking industry chain, with emphasis on automotive and auto parts, power generation and aerospace.

Stephan Roisin, Director of Schenck branch, highlights the reliability and performance improvement as benefits for the customers adopting the products of the company.  “The usage of our equipment increases the service life of the rotary components, bringing benefits to the environment since extends it duration of use”, comments.

About Schenck Rotec

Schenck RoTec GmbH company, member of Dürr group, with headquarters in Germany, is a world leader in the balance and diagnostic machinery market, with more than 130 years in the market. In Brazil at almost 50 years, the company has a production plant located at São Paulo. It is counts with a trained and qualified team to serve South America, through services targeted to customer, offices, plants, showroom, testing and training centers and recreational areas.  Schenck RoTec GmbH offers to local customers the complete products portfolio, with dedication and quality regarding the projects and the necessary support from Germany Schenck RoTec.

Learn more at www.schenck-rotec.com.br

Video: https://youtu.be/NUjqe0tFLho