Norb® launches Thermopractice Lunchbox® with innovative and exclusive technology in Brazil

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Norb® launches Thermopractice Lunchbox® with innovative and exclusive technology in Brazil


The launch of the plastic injection industry Norb® at Intermach, the Thermopractice Lunchbox®, was developed with innovative and exclusive technology in Brazil, being the company which holds the innovation patent. The product is coated internally with stainless steel and the outside part is made of polypropylene. If the lunchbox is sealed with the lid and the latches, it can be used in the microwave for heating the food and it takes 3 to 5 minutes. In addition to being more hygienic, it has a removable internal accessory for food separation and thermal efficiency from 2h30 to 3h. The Thermopractice Lunchbox® can be mounted, in addition to the unit, in sets of two to five units, with various colors or of a single color.

With tradition of producing parts for the industry, Norb® also began to develop its own line of domestic utilities, highlighting the Thermopractice Lunchbox® that provides advantages such as low impact to the environment due to the practicality in hygiene since it requires low consumption of detergent and water, high durability of the product and the best cost-benefit ratio. The utility line is also comprised of clothespin kit, dish, soup bowl, cream bowl and cutlery set.

About Norb

Norb® was founded in 1990 in Caxias do Sul (RS) and serves the domestic market for plastic injection molding. It provides engineering plastic parts and all kinds of polymers produced with high quality and cutting-edge technology. It operates in the outsourcing of plastic injection molded products for the electrical, automotive, aeronautical, mining and energy, metal- mechanics, textiles, beverages, domestic utilities sectors, as well as special projects with personalized follow up.

Find out more:  www.norb.ind.br

Exhibitor profile:  https://app.dolux.com.br/embedded/4b75ad4de1cd38233de50eb8838b396cccf4f978/?cod=dados-do-expositor&id=10517&name=norb-industria-de-injetados-plasticos-ltda