Ibatech launches MQL Bielomatik technology, whcih reduces by 98% the consumption of lubricants in machining processes

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Ibatech launches MQL Bielomatik technology, whcih reduces by 98% the consumption of lubricants in machining processes

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IBATECH – Bielomatik na Intermach

The advantages of the MQL Bielomatik technology, which reduces the use of lubricants by 98% in machining processes, will be Ibatech’s highlight in its stand at Intermach. In addition, it reduces by 60% the energy cost and 90% the consumption of water during the interchangeable machining process.

Ibatech also markets, with exclusivity in Brazil, Shuton-Ipiranga rectified and laminated ball screws, Schneeberger linear guideways, Bielomatik Leuze lubrication and MQL systems. The company serves the best technology for machining and industrial automation in a number of sectors.

Ibatech Linear Technology

Ibatech is a company specialized in linear movement with 15+ years’ experience in the South-American market. It has integrated solutions, technical support and products with advanced technology development, such as linear guideways, linear modules, measurement systems integrated to the guideways, recirculating ball screws, linear axes, special bearings and accessories.

It exclusively distributes the products manufactured by the traditional Swiss brand Schneeberger, worldwide leader in the manufacturing of linear systems, which has been a pioneer in this segment for almost 60 years. It markets screws manufactured by the Spain-based company Fusos de Esferas Shuton-Ipirange, with laminated, rectified and special options, which has been operating worldwide for more than 35 years.

In addition to the broad first-class product line, Ibatech also maintains a prompt-service spare part inventory, specialized technical team qualified to analyze the technical needs and requirements of each customer, in addition to indicating the most appropriate product to reduce the project costs and assure the quality and performance in customer’s equipment. The company has its head office located in Eldorado, RS and a branch office in São Pedro, SP.

Learn more: www.ibatech.com.br

Exhibitor’s profile: https://app.dolux.com.br/embedded/4b75ad4de1cd38233de50eb8838b396cccf4f978/?cod=dados-do-expositor&id=7746&name=ibatech-tecnologia-ltda