Tiago Marin - Diretor


wishbox intermachIt was a very interesting fair for Wishbox. We received a very professional audience, few curious people and a lot of people looking for business, to know the technology and how 3D printing can help in machine manufacturing processes. We are very satisfied with the contacts made and some deals with the prospect of fast closing.

Ramona Köhler - Agente de Feiras


INTERMACH - BAYERNWe participated with seven Bavarian exhibitors at our stand at Intermach, in Joinville. We are grateful for the opportunity and our exhibitors are excited and satisfied. We hope to return in two years and we have good business expectations. We thank Messe Brasil for the welcome.

Candido Schonarth - Gerente Nacional

Schulz Compressores

SCHULZ-INTERMACHIntermach is an unprecedented event for Joinville, in terms of the quality of exhibitors, visitors and competitors. It is a complete event for interaction between customers and suppliers, training, competitions and business roundtables. We left with good business prospects for the post-fair.

Luiz Gonçalves


ska intermachThe quality of this fair was very good because it showed new perspectives for the market, everything we expect for the coming years. We present new technologies and we hope that the year will be very profitable for us and for the other exhibitors, due to the quality of the public and the fair.

João Luiz Pavan


smicoIntermach represents a lot for SIMCO, as the state of Santa Catarina is the second largest in sales of machinery and equipment. We received a very good movement from customers interested in equipment. In addition to the leads, the fair generated good business.

Antonio Moura


FluipressI participated in the Business Meetings to shorten the path to discover the shopping center of potential customers and identify the needs of companies. I did 24 sales interviews and five companies have already shown interest in the portfolio of products and services in the short term

Edson Luiz Machio

Copel Energia

CopelWe participated in the Round with sponsorship and energy supply for the free market. Most of the industries and companies participating in the round are already in the free energy market and this was an opportunity to offer the product and expand our presence in the region.

Maicon Boettcher


We participated in the fair with three partners Iscar, Haimer and Feeler to demonstrate in practice the operation of the production management software integrated with the machines and equipment. “We identified many customers interested in technology 4.0 and showed how it happens in the practical commercial manager of SKA SC.

Fabio Hollatz, Diretor

BLM Group

It was our debut at the fair, where we sold the exposed machine. We bet on Intermach for the quality of regional contacts and we left here with an extensive prospecting network.

Moisés Macedo - Comercial


Intermach is a fair with great potential to win new customers

Márcio Luiz Giacomin - Quality Control


I have already visited other editions of Intermach and in this I found a lot of innovation, mainly in the part of dimensional analysis

Nilton Braga

Robótica Eng Hi Tech

Fair well organized, distributed and with good news. I came because of mechanics and robotics and I found it!

Milton Wodonis

Wodonis Ferramentas

This is the second time I have come and this year the quality of the exhibitors has improved. The fair is very crawlded

Guilherme Corrêa Guedes - Mananger


Intermach has a good level of visitation and we already have businesses forwarded

Jean Cardoso - Director


Messe Brasil is a company of the first greatness in the national market of fairs. We insist on having a partner of quality and weight in this segment that both helps us to continue our work

Tadeu Lopes Piris - Comercial Mananger


Fidia is present in all editions of Intermach, because we believe a lot in the region, that every year invests in technology. We always have good results at Intermach and we have made many contacts. Here in the fair has a very great dynamics and, in addition, in Joinville always appear new companies. That's why we have to be here at Intermach. " "The Fidia product is geared to complex, high-speed machining and Joinville is a major toolholder, where complex machining is part of everyday life. We focus a lot in Joinville because we see that our products are directly aligned with the needs of the toolholder pole of Joinville

Rogério Vitalli - Director


We decided to attend Intermach because it is a great fair in southern Brazil. In two days of fair we have already closed partnership.

Roland Berger - Brazilian Rep


The southern region is the main industrial hub and is where most of our customers are. After São Paulo, Joinville is the second billing center for our company Intermach is key to Schunk and is part of our trade show calendar. Throughout the year we participate we always make new contacts and from there a series of new businesses

Thiago Ramires - Machine Technical


The southern region is generally very strong in the industrial area. It has a lot of prototype development and innovations. We are in parallel to this innovation happening in the south of Brazil Many people have come to know our business here and this expands our range of options. We have several businesses that can be realized from Intermach

Márcio M. Novo - Comercial Manager


The Intermach is a fair with a lot of tradition and a great penetration in the south region. We understand that Intermach is strategic so that we can disclose our company and products

Fabio Luna Panageiro - Director


Intermach is an opportunity to demonstrate our differentials and innovations, and to get closer to customers

Ronaldo Stivalli, Director


The region of Joinville and Curitiba is today the largest metal-mechanic pole in Brazil. So inevitably Intermach is of utmost importance.  We introduced in Intermach , automated metrology with the guarantee of minimizing inaccuracies. Due to the high level of automation and ease of use, complex measurements can be completed quickly, traceably and reproducibly and are ready for industry 4.0. We have gathered about 50 contacts from the region with good business prospects.

Renato Velloso - Product Specialist


We already participated in events in São Paulo, but we did not have the same number of contacts. We noticed that the path starts here in the South and so we decided to come to Intermach

Edson G. Da Silveira


This is our first participation at Intermach and we are enjoying it a lot. Already on the second day we have business in progress. It is a way to overcome the crisis, as we bring the client to close deals

Luiz Carlos Novakoski - General Director


We participate in all the Business Meetings and all are good. In a normal situation it would take weeks and even months to get an appointment scheduled. In the round is different. Here you leave one table and go to another, all opening the doors to start the business. From here you are already sent with scheduled meeting. That's why the businesse meetings are part of our calendar.

Anália dos Santos - Buyer


The round was very productive. We have been able to talk to many different suppliers, most new contacts are possible. Without a doubt, the experience was very valid

Marcelo José de Oliveira - Buyer MRO


We had great choices from suppliers. The round was well suited to what we asked for, that is, our participation was advantageous. We talked to companies from 20, 30 years of market that we never had contact with. All the meetings we had were adequate to what we requested

Leandro Rapenning - Buyer


The businesse meetings was very dynamic. The volume of contacts was higher than expected. We made the first contacts to prospect suppliers. We will then depart for quotations, evaluations and quality reviews.

Leonardo Vidigal

GM do Brasil

It was amazing to see the companies we have have received and the range of opportunities. All the suppliers we met with mean business opportunities, which will be taken to other GM units throughout Brazil

Rodney Ribeiro - Buyer


90% of the staff thattalked with us is not in our supply chain and this is quite valid

Bruno C. Takeo Yokomizo - Engenheiro


In addition to finding companies that provide what we need, in 15 minutes we discover other needs. We contacted companies we did not know

Jean Carlos Daroit


The Business Meetings was very well organized. We had all the support from the moment we arrived in the city. The fact of being inserted in the fair brings an addendum. Our participation was very good. In some cases we close relationships, in others we have made new contacts. We came here with a commitment to expand and facilitate business, and that's what happened. The selling companies that presented themselves to us knew our need, which changes compared to the automobile industry "

Maicon Boettcher

Commercial Manager at SKA SC

“We participated in the exhibition with three partners Iscar, Haimer and Feeler to demonstrate in practice the operation of the integrated production management software with the machinery and equipment. We identified many customers interested in the technology 4.0 and we showed them how it works in practice.”

Fabio Hollatz

Director of BLM Group

It was our debut at the exhibition, where we sold the machine displayed. We wagered on Intermach due to the quality of the regional contacts and we left here with a wide prospecting network.”

Icaru Sakuyoshi, director of Yaskawa Motoman

Director of Yaskawa Motoman

“This was our first participation in the exhibition, where we launched a collaborative robot. We were surprised with the technical quality of the audience and this is only possible in a regional exhibition because the technical professionals do not usually travel to exhibitions in other regions.”



“We, from the academic area, always try to see how technologies advance in practice. This is where the theory becomes reality. I was impressed with the size of the fair and with the variety of companies.”



“The volume and quality of the public in this edition are what most surprised us. Corridors and stands always full with very qualified contacts. We’ve participated since the first edition and have been able to get excellent customers and business from the fair.”