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5 de June de 2019

ABIMAQ promotes Seminar on Metrology, Measurements, Tests and Opportunities for the Sector during Intermach, in Joinville

The news on equipment and trends in metrology processes will be highlighted at Intermach 2019 at the Seminar on Metrology, Measurement, Testing and Opportunities for the […]
5 de June de 2019

19th Technical Seminar of Industrial Automation will be carried out by the ISA Curitiba Section in parallel to Intermach

The 19th Technical Seminar on Industrial Automation organized by the ISA Curitiba Section, in parallel to Intermach 2019, will discuss trends in the instrumentation, control systems […]
31 de May de 2019

ABIMAQ will present reading and interpretation of the new NR 12 in a workshop at Intermach

The changes and challenges of the new change of NR 12 will be in evidence at the workshop that ABIMAQ – Brazilian Machinery Builders Association promotes […]
29 de March de 2019

Intermach will have free exhibitor Talks space

Providing knowledge tools to customers is a way of adding value to one’s brand. With that in mind, Messe Brazil developed to the exhibitors of Intermach 2019 – […]
29 de March de 2019

ISA Curitiba Section will hold the 19th Industrial Automation Technical Seminar during Intermach and looks for sponsor

In order to hold the 19th Industrial Automation Technical Seminar along with Intermach 2019, ISA Curitiba Section is working to attract sponsors. The seminar will be held on […]