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14 de August de 2019

IBR launches line of washable and high corrosion resistant gearboxes and motors

Operating in the most diversified segments of machine and equipment manufacturers, Redutores IBR launches at Intermach, the IP69K line of totally washable, high-corrosion resistant gearboxes (speed […]
30 de May de 2019

Ibram announces technology for high-performance engines and oil-free compressors

Ibram’s diversified product line, with 100% domestic manufacture and includes fans, motors, compressors and special projects, can be checked by visitors at the company’s booth at […]
29 de March de 2019

IBR reducers exhibits speed reduction solutions of several models and sizes

Specialized in speed reducer and motoreducer supply, Redutores IBR exhibits the diversified model and size options with high quality and performance. For Felipe Neumann, Redutores IBR´s director, the […]
29 de March de 2019

Oriental Motor exhibits Japanese technology in industrial machine engines

World leader in motion systems, Oriental Motor Brazilian unit will present in Intermach a unique industrial machine engine technology to metalmechanic market, with high reliability and endurance demand. […]
29 de March de 2019

Maktorno exhibits national products with guaranty and immediate delivery to all Brazil in Intermach

With more than 30 years of market experience, Maktorno Redutores will show in Intermach its reducers, motoreducer and automation industry solution line. Located in Caxias do Sul, RS, […]
29 de March de 2019

A.T.I. Brazil highlights Italian expertise in industrial power transmission solutions

Industrial power transmission solution state-of-the-art technology will be A.T.I. BRAZIL highlight in its booth in Intermach 2019. The multinational, located in Italy, has operated in Brazil for more […]