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8 de December de 2020
intermach-werk-schott- pneumatic-equipments

Pneumatic Equipments and Industrial Automation solutions from Werk-Schott at Intermach Brazil

The largest national manufacturer of pneumatic equipments in Brazil, specializing in solutions for industrial automation, Werk-Schott has products that have different injection, modern design and optimization […]
6 de September de 2019

Vergo emphasizes productivity advantages with the processes automation

Several advantages that the processes automation provides to industries may be checked in the Vergo Automação booth at Intermach. The Pneumatic Automation and Vacuum Manipulation equipment […]
21 de August de 2019

Samrello displays innovations for industrial automation

Manufacturer of industrial process control and measurement devices, Samrello displays its innovations for industrial automation emphasizing the wireless technology and unique software. The wide products scope […]
21 de August de 2019

RoboterSys shares expertise on the German brand KUKA robot solutions

RoboterSys , a division from the Wert Automation Group, specialized on the German KUKA Roboter Robotic cells, displays the brand’s most recent innovations in the Intermach’s […]
21 de August de 2019

Smartech launches articulated arm to attach a filtering system

The articulated arm to be used in the exhaustion of fumes of weld and other particulates is the novelty that Smartech takes to its stand in […]
9 de August de 2019

Ibatech launches MQL Bielomatik technology, whcih reduces by 98% the consumption of lubricants in machining processes

The advantages of the MQL Bielomatik technology, which reduces the use of lubricants by 98% in machining processes, will be Ibatech’s highlight in its stand at […]
12 de July de 2019

B&R launches intelligent factory motion control system with first display in Brazil

ACOPOStrak, the intelligent factory motion control, will be displayed for the first time at trade shows in Brazil at the B&R stand at Intermach. The main […]
16 de June de 2019

Systec presents technology for development of fastening solutions with high requirements for tolerance

The new technology for the development of fastening solutions with high requirements for tolerance will be highlighted on the Systec stand at Intermach. The development of […]
10 de June de 2019

Vertec delivers complete marking and traceability solutions for the 4.0 Industry

Vertec, a specialized company in marking and traceability solutions, presents at Intermach the equipment options for these services focused on the needs of the 4.0 Industry. […]
6 de June de 2019

Eurocabos presents complete solution for connectivity of industrial equipment

The complete solution for industrial connectivity will be the highlight of Eurocabos in its booth at Intermach. More than an electrical cable supplier, the company is […]
5 de June de 2019

19th Technical Seminar of Industrial Automation will be carried out by the ISA Curitiba Section in parallel to Intermach

The 19th Technical Seminar on Industrial Automation organized by the ISA Curitiba Section, in parallel to Intermach 2019, will discuss trends in the instrumentation, control systems […]
30 de April de 2019

Falcon announces specialty in programming boards in its first participation in Intermach

Specialized in the assembly of electronic boards, Falcon, in its debut at Intemach, announces the expertise in the development of projects using PHT and SMD technologies. […]