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14 de August de 2019

ZEISS highlights presence at Intermach 2019

German multinational company introduces innovative solutions in industrial metrology-specific software and equipment International reference in precision technology and industrial metrology, ZEISS takes part in INTERMACH 2019 […]
12 de August de 2019

PWM Réguas Digitais releases tooling and machining solution

Importing company PWM Réguas Digitais exhibits in Intermach tooling and machining solutions brought from China and developed with Brazilian technology. The function is controlling shaft motion […]
20 de July de 2019

Schenck RoTec is launching at Intermach an instrument for vibration analysis

The world leader on balance and diagnostic market, Schenck Rotec, is launching at Intermach the Smartbalancer ECO, new instrument for vibration analysis. The easy-to-operate instrument reaches […]
3 de July de 2019

Hexagon presents Xalt platform at Intermach, a new approach for harnessing the potential Internet of Things (IoT)

Hexagon, a global leader in digital solutions, will present the Xalt platform at Intermach, a new framework to accelerate digital transformation by increasing the customer’s ability […]
24 de June de 2019

ZEISS launches a coordinate measuring equipment with cutting-edge technology at reasonable price

ZEISS SPECTRUM is launched by the German manufacturer, a technology global leader in the optical and optoelectronic sector, at Intermach. This machine is ideal for companies […]
5 de June de 2019

ABIMAQ promotes Seminar on Metrology, Measurements, Tests and Opportunities for the Sector during Intermach, in Joinville

The news on equipment and trends in metrology processes will be highlighted at Intermach 2019 at the Seminar on Metrology, Measurement, Testing and Opportunities for the […]
29 de March de 2019

Fischer do Brasil highlights measurement instruments and analysis equipment acknowledged by repetitiveness and precision

Fischer Brazilian unit booth in Intermach will show the German technology in measurement and analysis instruments, acknowledged by repetitiveness, precision and less market uncertainty, less than 1%. […]
29 de March de 2019

Balantec expands operation to RBC-accredited temperature, dimensional and pressure markets

Specialized in equipment maintenance, calibration, lease and sale, Balantec is specialized in weighing scales and systems, it will disclose in Intermach the activity expansion to RBC-accredited temperature, dimensional […]