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8 de December de 2020
intermach-werk-schott- pneumatic-equipments

Pneumatic Equipments and Industrial Automation solutions from Werk-Schott at Intermach Brazil

The largest national manufacturer of pneumatic equipments in Brazil, specializing in solutions for industrial automation, Werk-Schott has products that have different injection, modern design and optimization […]
7 de December de 2020

MegaSul Compressors announces services to the industrial air machine compressor market in Brazil as authorized by Metalplan

MegaSul Compressores has a 300 m² structure equipped with an air-conditioned compressor element workshop, free of particles and abrasive impurities. The company has original parts with […]
6 de September de 2019

Group records better than expected growth selling products for automation in industries

It is expected to close 2018 with a 20% sales increase, most due to package coding products and processed products inspection. Soma Sul expects to close […]
21 de August de 2019

Evolução Compressores launches Sustenplan 4.0 to manage the pneumatic power supply

Specialized in compressed air distribution for the manufacture, Evolução Compressores launches in the Intermach the Sustenplan 4.0, a new intelligent plan to supply pneumatic power on […]
21 de August de 2019

PNX highlights the technology of air compressed equipment

The technology embedded in the air compressed generation, treatment and distribution, with the best solutions to reduce power consumption are the highlights of PNX which stand […]
12 de August de 2019

Schulz shows innovative solutions to industry in Intermach 2019

Latin America´s air compressors largest manufacturer, Schulz will be present in Intermach 2019, held from September 17th to 20th, in Joinville. Held at every two years, […]
30 de May de 2019

Ibram announces technology for high-performance engines and oil-free compressors

Ibram’s diversified product line, with 100% domestic manufacture and includes fans, motors, compressors and special projects, can be checked by visitors at the company’s booth at […]
29 de March de 2019

Soma Sul will release X30 printer with automatic set-up and without compressed air use for production environments

Markem-Imaje X30 model printer, that does not require air compressed use and has automatic set-up, not requiring operator setting, will be Soma Sul release in Intermach 2019. The […]
29 de March de 2019

Group records growth above expected, selling products to industry automation

The expectation is closing 2018 with 20% revenue increase, mostly packaging coding products and industrialized product inspection. Soma Sul expects to close 2018 with a 20% higher […]