SKA reinforces the Concepts of Intelligence and Digital Transformation of the Shop Floor at Intermach

SKA reinforces the Concepts of Intelligence and Digital Transformation of the Shop Floor at Intermach

ska-intelligence-digital-transformationA leader in sustainable technology and innovation, SKA reinforces at Intermach the concepts that the company has been working on through technologies for shop floor intelligence, strategic manufacturing and digital transformation. The company aims to present new concepts, discuss industrial transformation and analyze processes that make the day-to-day of companies simpler and more effective.

With the concept of intelligence and digital transformation, SKA enables the customer to manage the life cycle of manufactured products with the entire development chain connected. It ranges from the entry of the sales order to the manufacture of the product, in a programmed and sequenced way, according to the criteria and restrictions of the factory. All information is processed on a single platform, and everyone involved works with the same information, updated in real time.


Intelligence and digital transformation have arrived to change the way of thinking about industrial production. SKA solutions allow you to receive all information from the factory in real time in the palm of your hand, understand the production flow, notes of machine downtime, bottlenecks and failures. This helps with predictability, productivity and production optimization.

Having a plan so that the product talks to the process, and the process talks to the factory is one of the secrets of strategic manufacturing. SKA helps to apply these possibilities in the industry and brings these technology solutions to Intermach.


A leading technology and services company for the industry, SKA seeks to transform the market through sustainable technological innovation, with intelligence and digital transformation solutions. Impact companies and processes, promote changes in engineering and manufacturing thinking, optimize resources, deliver more results and seek new ways of conceiving products. The modernization of the industry takes place through the implementation of new technologies, and SKA works in this context as an agent of this change. Headquartered in São Leopoldo/RS, the company has 13 offices in the states of RS, SC, PR, SP, RJ and MG.

At Intermach, the merger of two major players in the industry data collection management market will be reinforced, Directa and Prodwin, which became part of the SKA Group at the end of last year. Together, they seek to become a great reference in solutions for the factory floor in Brazil, promising to raise the levels of productivity and efficiency of the national industry and foster a new phase in Brazil: Industry 5.0.

Directa Automação, specialized in the automation of industrial processes, with 33 years in the market, and Prodwin Tecnologias, is a company with over 20 years of experience focused on the management of MES production and factory floor in real time.