SIMCO presents new machines and technology for complex parts production at Intermach 2019

SIMCO presents new machines and technology for complex parts production at Intermach 2019


SIMCO brings complete and innovative manufacturing and Industry 4.0 solutions in Machining and Cutting and Sheet metal forming sectors to Intermach 2019. The company’s highlights in the trade show are the Machining Facility TC20α, of FEELER, and the PR2 Laser Engraver. In the company’s booth other equipment of its wide portfolio will be exhibited and operating, as CNC and conventional lathes, milling machines, among others.

Beside the machines exhibition, the SIMCO engineering team also will be present during the event to help and discuss processes aiming to provide viable solutions with high technology and affordable costs for the entire metal-mechanical market.

“Intermach is one of the most important events for our company. We believe a lot in its potential of the south region market so much that we opened a branch in Santa Catarina last year, which has been generating excellent results”, states Vitor Ortega, Business Development Director.

SIMCO Highlights at Intermach

Machining Facility

The FEELER TC20α Machining Center, was developed and designed to operate in the parts sector with high complexity on 3D surface, CNC SIEMENS technology 828, with all resources and options to high acceleration levels and performance in general machining. The equipment basic configuration focus on drilling and tapping, however, as the market uses small machines for complex machining in 3D, the configuration was increased by the SIMCO/FEELER Engineering team to complement the fast and small machines range, meeting also the demand of the complex machining sector with high performance.  

This equipment hybrid configuration may met all the production range demand, from serial parts to tools or service providers that need a fast equipment able to operate in complex surfaces.

The project is totally assisted via FEM, cast alloy to support all processes vibrations and acceleration levels of high speed maintaining the machining accuracy and quality in all aspects. It also has all required resources for integration, cloud system and all necessary tools for remote monitoring, robots integration and other needs of any 4.0 systems.

PR2 Laser Engraver

Another great new brought by SIMCO at Intermach is the PR2 optical fiber Laser Engraver. It is available in three different models: PR-201 with 20W, PR-301 with 30W and PR-501 with 50W power. With a high-quality and accurate reproduction laser beam, presents excellent accuracy and finishing. Economical and efficient, it makes engravings on metal materials and in colored polymers.

Disposes an industrial computer with its own software for using several resources of engraving and protection via hardlock.

Among the advantages of the Laser Engraver, the speed, accuracy and stability deserve to be pointed out. Compact, and easy-to-use and operate, it presents low maintenance rates, being a great solution for electronic components, medical devices, glasses, watches, jewelry and service providers industries, that work in the gifts and coding fields.


Established in 1996, in Campinas – SP, SIMCO provides complete manufacturing and Industry 4.0 solutions in Machining, Cutting and Sheet Metal Forming and Plastics Transformation sectors, with trade technical assistance nationwide. It is recognized by the innovation, excellence in assistance and providing products of high performance and technology through brands like FEELER, LOG Machine, Pinnacle, Quazar, Euron and FFG, one of the biggest machines holdings worldwide that incorporates key brands as Jobs and Sachman, Rambaudi and Sigma. With a wide machines and spare parts storage portfolio, it is able to meet the Brazilian industrial market demand quickly combining quality, technical efficiency and competitive price. The company looks for inspiration in its machines accuracy to continuously evolve and provide a near-perfect service to its clients and employees. More than just a product, SIMCO provides a full solutions pack.

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