Selltis exhibits Line of CNC Machines and Machining Accessories

Selltis exhibits Line of CNC Machines and Machining Accessories

Selltis-CNC-machinesSpecialist in the supply of machines, peripherals and services for the metalworking, molds and tooling industry, Selltis presents at Intermach the line of CNC machines and accessories for the machining segment. The line of CNC machines has a machining center, turning center, vertical lathe, electric wire, fast hole, among other products.

In addition to the line of CNC machines, Selltis supplies fastening accessories and special designs. It has a dedicated parts stock for the entire line of machines sold by the company. It operates in the automation of machining processes according to the customer’s needs and offers specialized technical support in maintenance, installation and support to the customer’s needs. The services are completed by training provided by qualified professionals in the use of machines.


Selltis’ complete line of CNC’s (Computer Numerical Control) machines are built to meet the most diverse market needs, from machining complex parts to increased productivity and quality assurance. The company is focused on meeting the customer’s needs with technological solutions and with the best cost/benefit on the market.

Among the differentials offered by Selltis is the supply of machines and accessories for prompt delivery, technical support (maintenance, training and parts stock) and the supply of products with the latest technology. The company has market expertise to help the customer define the best solutions to meet their needs.

Selltis serves large and small businesses that use machining processes to manufacture parts, dies, molds and even finished products. It combines concepts of environmental protection with R&D, evaluating all possible environmental aspects regarding the use of materials, manufacturing processes, sales, installation activities and services. Compliant with stringent safety, recycling and efficiency codes to minimize a product’s impact on the environment.


Selltis has a diversified profile and works on several fronts such as importing machines and accessories for marketing, manufacturing and customizing accessories, project development and implementation of automation in the customer’s machining process, with its own line of machines.

With more than 25 years of history, Selltis is a reference in the commercialization of machines, parts and accessories for the machining segment. It provides its customers with the complete development of the machining process (Turnkey), making the work safe and efficient. Headquartered in Caxias do Sul-RS, the company has a branch in Joinville-SC.