RBE discloses Solutions for Reducing Electric Energy Costs at Intermach

RBE discloses Solutions for Reducing Electric Energy Costs at Intermach

rbe-electric-energySpecialized in the commercialization of electric energy and operation management in the Free Energy Market, RBE discloses solutions at Intermach to reduce costs with electric energy, an important input in the industrial market. The options mainly cover services aimed at promoting this reduction.

Among the options is the acquisition of energy in the free market, which offers potential savings of 20 to 30% in the cost of electricity used by companies. RBE offers solutions for all markets, for individual consumers with demand from 310 kW or for consumers with more than one unit, with demand from 30 kW, which in the sum of individual demands can reach 500 kW.


The Free Energy Market is a contractual negotiation environment, where a consumer can purchase energy directly from generators or traders. By migrating to this business model, companies guarantee freedom in the management of their energy and also much more savings on the electricity bill, ensuring energy efficiency.

In this environment, the consumer, in addition to maintaining his relationship with the local distributor, starts to have a relationship with other agents in the sector, having access to much cheaper energy. Energy can even be acquired from renewable sources and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Another opportunity offered by RBE to ensure cost reduction is to produce its own energy through renewable sources. The company offers, through business partners, solutions for the implementation of photovoltaic solar generation systems, developing complete projects, from dimensioning to monitoring.


Belonging to the H. Carlos Schneider group, RBE started its activities in 2011, migrating CISER, the largest manufacturer of fasteners in Latin America and a company of the group, as its first customer. In 2015, it started to sell energy on the free market and over the years it expanded its solutions for the development of renewable energy projects.

In order to generate savings between companies, RBE works from consultancy to the sale and management of energy in the free market. “Always looking for the best value, we provide customers with the best opportunity and solution for the efficiency of companies.”