Ratts exposes the differentiated technology in industrial filtration that increase the product’s life

Ratts exposes the differentiated technology in industrial filtration that increase the product’s life


Ratts_industrial filtrationSpecialized in the development of industrial filtration in Brazil, Ratts takes to Intermach the differentiated technology that increases the useful life of the product. The idea is to reduce the stoppage for equipment maintenance and the need to dedicate labor to maintenance, which directly reflects in the productivity of the industries.

Among the filter media produced are industrial cartridges and filter sleeves. The solutions are directed to painting booths, exhaust systems, silos, dedusting systems, blasting, among other needs. The filters are designed and produced under demand of scale and special needs of each industry and the respective applications.

Industrial filtration and their applications in Brazilian Industry

Among the industrial filters developed by Ratts are the pleated cartridge filters applied in particulate filtration. They are manufactured with the most up-to-date technologies, solving even demands with very fine particles that require a higher degree of filtration.

The company has certified pleated cartridge filter media for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries, flame retardant filter media, antistatic and repellent. Among the industries served are also chemical, automotive, metallurgy, steel, mining, furniture, shipyards, among others.

To meet the industry’s customized needs for filtering particulate materials, Ratts relies on sleeve filter media. These solutions are customized, based on the characteristics of each process, and can include the type of particulate and the respective process, temperature, necessary filtering efficiency, among other aspects.

Based on these premises, Ratts offers a wide range of filter media for the market. To meet the different characteristics of industries and processes, it combines high particle retention capacity, low pressure loss and durability.

Filtration technology for painting booths

Various industry segments, such as auto parts, automotive, furniture, white goods, metallurgical, use the painting process in their production lines and demand filter media with differentiated technology. Filtration in paint booths is of fundamental importance and directly impacts the final product, which determines the careful choice of quality filters.

For this demand, Ratts has the latest technology and offers a special line of filters for the painting segment. Options range from powder-coated booths to liquid-painted booths. In order to facilitate the choice of the best filter media option, the company has a trained technical team to recommend the best solution, according to the characteristics of each process.

Air Filtration

One of the main demands of filter media for industries is in the filtration of ambient air. Ratts air filters are developed to meet air treatment systems, called HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) or HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). It has the function of bringing comfort and treated air to closed environments, or air inflation in general. They can also be used to protect an industrial process or machines and components.

Following global trends in air filtration, Ratts works with innovative technologies, combining low pressure drop, excellent mechanical resistance and excellent efficiency. The company has several models of filters arranged with filter media for coarse, medium, fine and high filtration efficiency, meeting national and international standards.

The target for health and the environment

The use of filter media allows industrial environments to be cleaner and healthier for professionals. In addition, impacts on the environment are another relevant advantage, as they assume the role of not polluting nature.

In practice, the filter media retain impurities and contaminants generated by the most different industrial processes. In addition, they can prevent contamination from particulates from the external environment.

About Ratts

Ratts has been operating in the Brazilian filter media market since 2000. It specializes in the development of solutions for industrial filters, offering industries products with high technology and performance. It has a range of interchangeable models that are suitable for national and imported equipment, and are developed with materials that meet productive and environmental performance.