Ratts reveals different technology in filtration means that increase product life cycle

Ratts reveals different technology in filtration means that increase product life cycle

intermach-Ratts-filtration-meansSpecialize in the development of industrial filtration means, Ratts takes to Intermach differentiated technology that extends product life cycle. The idea is reducing the maintenance stop for equipment and the need to dedicate labor for maintenance, which directly reflects in manufacturers’ productivity.

Among the filtration means produced are industrial cartridges and filtration sleeves. The solutions are directed to painting cabins, exhaust systems, silos, de-dusting systems, sandblasting, among other needs. Filters are designed and produced on demand according to scale and the special needs of each industry and the respective applications.

Filtration means and applications thereof

Among the filtration means developed by Ratts are the pleated filters applied to filtration of particulates. They are manufactured with cutting-edge technology, resolving, especially demands with very thins particulates that require a higher level of filtration.

The company counts on pleated cartridge filters for use in the pharmaceutical and food industry, flame retardant, anti-static and repellent filters. Among the industries served are also the chemical, automotive, steel milling, iron and steel, mining, furniture industry, ship yards, among others who use filtration means.

For meeting the customized needs of the industry for filtering particulates, Ratts counts on sleeve filters. These solutions are customized, based on the characteristics of each process, and may include the type of particulate and the respective process, temperature, necessary filtration means efficiency, among other aspects.

Based on these premises, Ratts makes a wide range of filters available to the market. For meeting the different characteristics of the different industries and processes, the company combines a high-particle retention capacity, low load loss rate and durability in filtration means.

Painting cabins technology

Several industry segments, such as automotive parts, furniture, home appliances, steel milling, use the painting process in their production lines and require filters with a differentiated technology. Filtration in painting cabins is imperative and directly impacts the end product, which requires a thorough choice of quality filters.

For meeting that demand, Ratts counts on cutting-edge technology and offers a special line of filters directed at the painting segment. The options range from electrostatic powder painting cabins to liquid painting cabins. To facilitate the choice for the best filter option, the company has a qualified technical team that recommends the best solution, according to the characteristics of each process.

Air filters – filtration means

One of the top demands for filters the industries have is in the filtration of room air. Ratts’ air filters are developed for meeting air treatment systems, named HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). Their role is to bring comfort and treated air to closed environments, or air inlet overall. They can also be used for protecting an industrial process or machines and components.

Following global air filtration trends, Ratts works with innovative technology, combining a low pressure drop, excellent mechanical endurance and great efficiency. The company counts on several filter models places as filtering means for thick, medium, thin and high efficiency in filtration, meeting national and international standards.

The role in health and in the environment

The use of filters allow manufacturing environments to be cleaner and healthier for professionals. Moreover, the impacts on the environment are another relevant advantage, since they play the role of not polluting nature.

In practice, the filters retain impurities and contaminants generated by several industrial processes. Furthermore, they can avoid contamination from particulates coming from the external environment.

About Ratts

Ratts has been operating in the Brazilian filters market since 2000. It is specialized in the development of industrial filtration solutions, offering manufacturers high-technology, high-performance products. The company has a wide range of exchangeable models that fit national and importer equipment, developed with materials that meet production and environmental performance demands.

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