Components for stamping and automation are the highlights of Nitrocut at Intermach

Components for stamping and automation are the highlights of Nitrocut at Intermach

Nitrocut-estampariaSpecialized in the supply of products and services for tooling and stamping, Nitrocut takes components for metal stamping and automation to the Intermach stand. Among the highlights is the gas spring (nitrogen cylinder) of the Azol Gás brand, which has the largest variety on the market and high durability, a product that has recently also been used in plastic injection molds.

Nitrocut’s stamping and automation components meet the demands of companies all over Brazil, covering Industrial Automation and Process Control, Cutting and Forming of Metals, Molds, Tooling and Stamping Components. The products are distinguished by their high durability and wide variation in dimensions, which increases productivity, allowing the use of more compact tools and lower production costs, thus avoiding frequent maintenance.

Specialty in stamping and automation services and components

In addition to supplying high quality components, Nitrocut offers specialized technical assistance services, provided by a team capable of meeting customer needs. The services cover the assembly of interconnected cylinder systems, projects, installation and tryout of transfers and robotics, throughout the national territory.

The services offered include: training for preventive maintenance to users, system interconnection, corrective maintenance, availability of repairs, tool bag and maintenance parts, in addition to projects for replacing springs for cylinders

About Nitrocut

Nitrocut is a company that sells components for stamping and tooling, serving the entire national territory. The company has a policy of providing high quality products, high standard of service and differentiated technical assistance. Among these differentials, commercial flexibility, fast service, logistics and technical assistance stand out, factors that seek a partnership relationship with customers.