Movtech Exposed Systems for Data Analysis and Budget Management

Movtech Exposed Systems for Data Analysis and Budget Management

Movtech-systemsSpecialized in the development of management software, Movtech exhibits solutions for data analysis and budgeting system at Intermach. Movtech Stats is a Business Intelligence that makes it possible to carry out robust analysis of information obtained through graphs displayed in organized dashboards. The tool also allows the management of data such as sales, inventories, purchases, financial and accounting, ensuring a significant coverage of information.

Movtech Budget is a budgeting system that makes it possible to carry out zero-based budgets, control expenses, plan sales, investments, budget for people and manage financing. Data can be visualized in dashboards, DRE, balance sheet, economic and financial indicators and cash flow.


With Movtech Stats, you can extract information from multiple sources, centralize and update information in a single tool. The software also allows the user to define access permission levels, in addition to having integration with various ERP’s on the market and direct data extraction from an excel spreadsheet.

Movtech Budget was created in order to solidify and organize your budget planning. It allows the user to make important projections such as income, expenses, costs or even manual projections, for data outside the system’s native standard. It also integrates with Movtech’s Business Intelligence, ensuring an up-to-date and established database with access anywhere, thanks to its availability for web and mobile devices.


With 15 years of experience in the market, Movtech started its trajectory in the city of Jaraguá do Sul, northern region of Santa Catarina, and had as its initial focus the development of software to solve the specific needs of companies in different segments, such as distributors, metallurgical industries , textile industries, companies in the agribusiness sector, among others.

In recent years, Movtech has focused on marketing its own products, but without neglecting one of its main features, which is its focus on customer service. In addition, the company has a highly qualified team, whose objective is to provide fast and efficient solutions for each company.