Intermach 2021 is to bring together novelties and innovative technologies for the metal-mechanical industry

Intermach 2021 is to bring together novelties and innovative technologies for the metal-mechanical industry

intermach-metal-mechanical-industryThe 13th edition of the metal-mechanical fair will have tradeshow, congress, seminars, workshops, and business rounds, and will be conducted on September 14-17, in Joinville, SC. The event will have ABIMAQ intitutional support

As the major metal-mechanical event in the South regions of Brazil, Intermach will bring together, on September 14-17, 2021, the key vendors of machines, equipment, and solutions for the industry, highlighting launches and innovative technologies. The industrial service area will also have outstanding exhibition in the tradeshow, with machining, chrome-plating, galvanization, and metrology solutions, among other options.

Professional qualification will be another aspect that will be reinforced. Besides the Technical Congress, free workshops and business rounds will be held. By bringing together the whole industry, Intermach aggregates important simultaneous events that enhance the tradeshow quality. For 2021, it is also confirmed the 5th edition of Automation Talks, sponsored by the Automation Nucleus at ACIJ (Board of Trade of Joinville), with the central subject of “Intelligent Applications in Industry 4.0”.

“This is the only event for the industry in Brazil that, aside from visiting the tradeshow, offers professional qualification by seminars, lectures and workshops, speed in closing deals in the round, plus specific area dedicated to industrial services,” says Richard Spirandelli, Director at Messe Brasil.

In its 13th edition, the expectation is to beat the mark of 150 exhibitors, highlighting technologies and innovations for modernization of manufacturing complexes. The tradeshow attracts exhibitors related to tooling shops, plastics, industrial automation, logistics, tests & assays, sheet metal works and treatments, among other vendors concentrated not only in the booming industrial pole of Santa Catarina, but throughout Brazil and Latin America, in function of the diversified attendance of visitors.

The headquarters of the event is another favorable point, as it takes place in the center of one of the most industrialized regions of the country, reasons that ensure its success among exhibitors and visiting professionals of the sector. “Santa Catarina concentrates a pole of internationally recognized technologies and cutting-edge companies and the strategic location between highly industrialized regions of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, are Joinville differentials to successfully host technical fairs from different segments,” says Spirandelli.

Metal-Mechanical Pole

Intermach – International Tradeshow and Congress of Technology, Machines, Equipment, Automation and Services for the Metal-Mechanical Industry – is a reference in technology for industrial manufacturing, boosting the industrial market. It exhibits technologies, innovations and trends, develops business and relationships, and drives knowledge. The event gathers suppliers to the industrial market and welcomes domestic and international visitors looking for innovative technologies and solutions.

Intermach is conducted at a large industrial pole concentrating several multinational companies operating in the most diversified industries, which have been continuously investing in manufacturing complexes in the last years. Large purchasers of the metal-mechanical industry attend Intermach. In 2019, 73% of the professional visitors were involved in the purchasing area, and 19% hold Board roles (CEO and Directors).

In addition to entrepreneurs of regions close to Joinville, accustomed to make business in Intermach, the tradeshow has strong attendance from the whole South region and the state of São Paulo. The quality of innovations and the environment favorable to businesses also attract visitors from other Brazilian states and from abroad.

Intermach is an event in which several technologies have already emerged in the metal-mechanical industries, such as 3D printing in metals and additive manufacture, virtual and augmented reality, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and IoT, among other concepts. “The fact of bringing the most innovative technologies to the tradeshow and the technical events attract a qualified public of technical professionals and decision-makers of the organizations,” comments Spirandelli.

Joinville concentrates one of the major poles of tooling shops and modelling in Latin America, and the power of this region are bringing good results to Intermach exhibitors. Among the outstanding segments in Santa Catarina, there is the transformation industry of plastics and casting, which are sectors where the state occupies the second rank in the domestic scenario. Additionally, the automotive and agribusiness markets also deserve outstanding position in the region.


Intermach 2021 – International Tradeshow of Technology, Machines, Equipment, Automation and Services for the Metal-Mechanical Industry
Date: September 14-17, 2021
Time: 01:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Venue: Centro de Convenções e Exposições EXPOVILLE – R. XV de Novembro, 4315 – Glória, Joinville – SC
Organization: Messe Brasil
Learn more: www.intermach.com.br

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