Igus returns to Intermach 2019 with several news and innovations

Igus returns to Intermach 2019 with several news and innovations


In this edition, the company brings solutions focused on reducing maintenance, improving technology and lowering costs in applications that involve movement.

During September 17th to 20th, the German company igus will present in INTERMACH – several news on products for applications using movement, those gaining traction in the market. Some highlights shown at the Igus booth are: the new Delta Robot, which brings the lower cost automation concept and is ideal for Pick & Place activities, a virtual tour through the Igus plants in Germany, also drag chain cable carriers and highly resistant special cables, which operate easily in several environments. 

Without participating for eight years, Igus returns to the trade show that focus on Machines and Equipment and Industrial Automation aiming to explore more of the Santa Catarina’s market. “As we have several news and innovations that were combined to our products portfolio during the last years, and for the south region’s importance to Igus, we have great expectations related to our return to Intermach”, states Marcelo Pimenta, CEO.

“We’re breaking paradigms and increasingly showing how our plastic solutions present excellent cost-benefit assessments and promote technical and operational gains much greater than the traditional solutions used in the market”, adds Marcelo.

In Intermach 2019, the objective is to bring and present solutions that show how to optimize production in several industries, reducing costs and promoting a greater productive and technological gain. Igus’ polymers bring many benefits on equipment modernization and in applications, in which wear proved to be a problem. For each challenge involving machines and equipment there are tested solutions in the company’s testing laboratories, located in Germany, those increasing machines’ reliability and reducing maintenance workload.

In the company’s main products are drag chain cable carriers, flexible cables, connectors, self-lubricating bushes, bearings, linear guides, among others which, besides having a long service life, reduce the downtime in industries.

“We want to present our entire products portfolio, that help to make more profitable business and to increase the equipment technology, according to the market’s last trends”, emphasizes Rebeca Tarragô, Marketing Manager. “In addition to generate business, we keep in mind that we have to reconnect to the south region clients and help them to solve the problems faced in applications, simplifying processes”, adds Rebeca.

In the booth will be possible to chat with technical experts of both mechanical and electrical lines, those being available to exhibit new solutions and answer questions about applications.

Know more about the company at: www.igus.com.br