Ibram announces technology for high-performance engines and oil-free compressors

Ibram announces technology for high-performance engines and oil-free compressors


Ibram’s diversified product line, with 100% domestic manufacture and includes fans, motors, compressors and special projects, can be checked by visitors at the company’s booth at Intermach. The use of state-of-the-art technology with high-performance engines and oil-free compressors differs.

All Ibram products are developed in the laboratory itself, primarily in 3D program, which can size the parts and pieces and simulates the assembly. After the elaboration of the prototypes, they undergo tests of flow and pressure, in the case of fans and industrial compressors, and tests of monitoring and efficiency, for electric motors.

For specific needs, Ibram develops special projects of industrial fans for direct application in the production of material goods, comfort of the environment or in equipment to combat air pollution. Regardless of their function, they act on the efficiency of industrial processes.

The product line includes high efficiency centrifugal fans for ventilation, blowing, air or gas systems, dust removal system, bag filter, electrostatic precipitator, among other options. The products are applied in alcohol and sugar mills, furnace industries, glass tempering, steel mills, pulp and paper mills, fertilizer, among other segments.

The Ibram product line meets demands for industrial lines, automation systems, plastic, effluent treatment, pneumatic transport, as well as exhaust and ventilation systems. The company has sales staff in all regions of the country and technical support to guide and assist in specifications, applications, features, installation and maintenance of products. The company headquarters is located at São Lourenço Industrial Park, in São Paulo.

More information: www.ibram.ind.br

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