Customized hydraulic systems for different industry demands and the differentiators of Hidraultec

Customized hydraulic systems for different industry demands and the differentiators of Hidraultec

intermach-Hidraultec-Hydraulic-systems Expertise in hydraulic systems for the industry, developing customized projects and solutions are the differentiators Hidraultec takes to the stand in Intermach. The projects and solutions are developed through partnerships with renowned international brands that guarantee excellent cost-benefit ratio and quality operational results for each application and machine.

Among the manufacturers that compose the hydraulic solutions are brands such as Eaton-Vickers, Sauer-Danfoss and Weg Motores. The use of market benchmark solutions allows Hidraultec’s team to develop projects focused on efficiency and that are adequate to the end cost of each client.

Among the advantages of hydraulic systems customized by Hidraultec are low electric power consumption. The result comes from using WEG electric motors, considered the best in the world, combined with the use of Eaton-Vickers and Sauer-Danfoss hydraulic pumps with Load Sense technology.

Hydraulic systems and services

In addition to supplying full hydraulic systems for several industry needs, Hidraultec offers services and technical support/assistance to clients. The engineering and technical assistance department keeps a staff qualified to performing services complementary to the sale of products.

Services for hydraulic contemplate maintenance of cylinders, pumps and hydraulic motors. Moreover, the team carries out maintenance and upgrading of hydraulic units and installation of full hydraulic systems. The services also contemplate in loco technical assistance for hydraulic systems, whether or not supplied by Hidraultec.

For ensuring service speed, Hidraultec counts on an inventory of spare parts for hydraulic solutions. For that reason, the services are broad, including maintenance of cylinders, pumps, motors, valves and hydraulic units.

Efficiency in hydraulic solutions

Hidraultec specializes in hydraulic solutions and operates in the development and production of oil-hydraulic components such as units, cylinders and hydraulic devices for the various segments of the national industry. Among companies served are players in the energy, lumber, iron and steel, home appliances and metalworking industries.

The expertise in hydraulic systems and the use of worldwide known brands makes of Hidraultec a reference in the market. Services to clients includes full consulting in the development of projects, assembly, startup of the systems, in addition to technical support/assistance services. The company is headquartered in Joinville (SC) and has a branch in Curitiba (PR).

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