21 de June de 2022

Eco Automação Demonstrates Iot Solutions Focused on Increasing Productivity

Distributor of multinational industrial systems developers, Eco Automação demonstrates at Intermach IoT (Internet of Things) solutions focused on increasing productivity. The activities developed meet the need […]
21 de June de 2022

Ringfeder Henfel exhibits Torque Support and Transmission Equipment

Henfel, a supplier of mechanical components for power transmission for the basic industry, exhibits at Intermach the equipment for torque transmission and support. Among the highlights […]
10 de June de 2022

Slim 3D discloses its Expertise in Supplying 3D Printers to Industry

Renowned supplier of 3D printers, supplies and components for 3D printing in Brazil, Slim 3D brings to Intermach the best additive manufacturing solutions specifically aimed at […]
7 de June de 2022

revil exposes Single-girder Rolling Bridge with State-of-the-Art Technology to meet the Internal and External Logistics of Companies

The Monoviga Rolling Bridge that Brevil exhibits at Intermach is manufactured with cutting-edge technology and the projects have the characteristic of meeting the needs of each […]
24 de May de 2022

RBE discloses Solutions for Reducing Electric Energy Costs at Intermach

Specialized in the commercialization of electric energy and operation management in the Free Energy Market, RBE discloses solutions at Intermach to reduce costs with electric energy, […]
23 de May de 2022

Hexagon Unveils Intelligent Solutions That Combine Sensor, Software, and Autonomous Technologies

A global leader in digital reality solutions, Hexagon highlights at Intermach intelligent manufacturing solutions that combine sensor, software and autonomous technologies. The dynamic is to put […]
18 de May de 2022

Navvi Highlights Variety of Mechanical Seals at Intermach

Navvi manufactures mechanical seals of different arrangements and construction types with ideal materials for each application. In recovery modality, the advantage of reducing maintenance costs is […]
17 de May de 2022

Sulmax presents solutions in Components for Molds, Dies and Devices

Manufacturer and distributor of renowned brands in the market, Sulmax exhibits at Intermach its complete line of components for injection molds for plastic, aluminum and zamac. […]
5 de May de 2022

Movtech Exposed Systems for Data Analysis and Budget Management

Specialized in the development of management software, Movtech exhibits solutions for data analysis and budgeting system at Intermach. Movtech Stats is a Business Intelligence that makes […]
3 de May de 2022

ONMAQ launches Packaged Machining Centers for Industry 4.0

ONMAQ’s machining centers, KRAFT Sky Master brand, which will be at the company’s stand at Intermach, are equipped with every package for Industry 4.0. They operate […]
26 de April de 2022

CND Coatings Displays Nonstick Coating Solution for Molds that Reduce or Eliminate the Use of Release Agents

The participation of CND Revestimentos at Intermach 2022 is mainly focused on promoting non-stick coatings, with the ability to reduce or eliminate the use of release […]
8 de December de 2020

Solutions in pneumatic equipment and industrial automation of Werk-Schott count on High Technology and Guaranteed Quality

The largest national manufacturer of pneumatic equipment, specialized in solutions for industrial automation, Werk-Schott counts on products with differentiated injection, modern design and enhancements to production […]