Erzinger launches cabins of PVC and streamlines processes of painting with ink economy

Erzinger launches cabins of PVC and streamlines processes of painting with ink economy


Thinking about optimizing the exchange of color and decrease contamination, ERZINGER innovated with the launch of the electrostatic painting booths with dust in PVC in the Brazilian market. By being an insulating material, PVC has antistatic features which cause the particles of ink not to be attracted by the constructive parts of the equipment, avoiding adhesion on the walls of the booths. This feature promotes a significant reduction of recirculation ink in the system, improving the ratio of recovered ink x virgin ink, decreasing the contamination. In addition, the technological partnership with WAGNER, improves the quality of the paint with their ink applicators, keeping an homogeneous layer, and bringing significant ink savings and increase of production.

Erzinger also will have the Smart In-line it the booth, developed within the concepts of the 4.0 Industry which makes the whole process of surface treatment even more efficient, interactive, and secure. The system is operated in the palm of your hand, and makes intelligent factories with capacity and autonomy to scheduling maintenance, predicting failures in processes and adapting them to the requirements and unplanned changes in production.

With more than four decades on the market, Erzinger became the largest manufacturer of equipment for pre-treatment of surfaces, painting and liquid ink drying, through electrostatic powder and KTL (E-coat), aimed at the metal-mechanic, auto parts, furniture, plastic, electronics, and agribusiness sectors, among others.

Erzinger is in constant technological advancement, investing in research, development of processes, raw materials, suppliers, and international partnerships. Erzinger invests in the improvement of its team of engineers and technicians, always seeking to incorporate innovations to the equipment produced, with quality to meet and appreciate the expectations and demands of its customers.

Learn more: www.erzinger.com.br

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVKWYZIEl3M

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