MegaSul Compressores divulges services to the industrial compressed air market as an authorized Metalplan dealer

MegaSul Compressores divulges services to the industrial compressed air market as an authorized Metalplan dealer

intermach-mega-sul-compressed-airMegaSul has a 300 m² structure equipped with a acclimatized compressor workshop, free of particles and abrasive impurities. The company has original parts with warranty and the full compressed air line for sale and rent. The Company is a Metalplan authorized dealer, the leading market in several market categories of industrial compressed air in Brazil and in Latin America, in addition to acting with maintenance and sale of multi-brand compressor parts.

Mega Sul Specialized

Headquartered in Joinville, SC, MegaSul works in maintenance, contracts for services and distribution of equipment for generation and treatment of industrial compressed air. The company serves all segments in the three southern states of Brazil. The company counts on a technical team qualified for identifying the best solution for the client and ensuring system maintenance, improving the cost of air generation.

Rotary Compressors

MegaSul Compressores is an authorized PREMIUM METALPLAN dealer and suppliers rotary screw compressors of the following types:

– TOTALPACK FLEX DD, compressor direct drive 1 stage lubricated, with variable speed and embedded dryer, equipment ranging from 50 to 250 HP.

– TOTALPACK, lubricated 1-stage compressor, fixed speed and embedded dryer, equipment ranging from 10 to 150 HP.

– POWERPACK FLEX DD INTERCOOLING, direct drive lubricated 2-stage compressor, variable speed and embedded dryer, equipment ranging from 100 to 500 HP.

– TOTALPACK ZERO FLEX DD, oil-free compressor, 1 and 2 stage, with variable speed and embedded dryer, equipment ranging from 25 to 550 HP.

Full compressed air treatment line

Megasul compressors has the full line of compressed air treatment with Metalplan products, such as air dryers by refrigeration and absorption, filtration, Nitrogen plant, CLASS 0 safety module for compressed air to be classified as oil-free, INSPIRE filter for human breathing, among others.

Water Chiller Line

We supply the entire Water Chiller line with accuracy up to 0.5 ° C with the Polar line, these are water Chillers with a capacity from 1,000 to 120,000 Kcal/h.

Industrial compressed air with electronic management

Among the industrial compressed air options supplied by Metalplan is the system composed by two or more compressors, which is common, but which may represent an additional difficulty in operation and maintenance. Metalplan’s solutions with these characteristics count on Maestro, a central supervisory system with the capacity to manage up to 12 compressors simultaneously.

The advantages for clients who use industrial compressed air with maestro management are broad, especially maximum energy efficiency guarantee. The solution avoids failure and keeps system pressure between selected high and low-pressure set points. The system software recognizes the flow of each compressor and automatically chooses the most adequate level to attenuate pressure flotation throughout time.

Maestro allows, moreover, equating operating hours of each compressor according to their periodical servicing, desynchronizing these events.

Other Metalplan services

MegaSul installs AirLine modular industrial compressed air rooms, a solution 100% developed by Metalplan. The innovation meets the requirements for industrial compressed air quality, energy efficiency and environmental adequacy. The modular compressor room is precast, facilitating installation with maximum performance. The client only has to make the space available and will have a guarantee of being able to count on an adequate room to ensure equipment performance.

Another service provided by Mega Sul is DataAir audit for Metaplan solutions, for recommending a higher energy efficiency solution, lower maintenance cost and lower initial investment. The audit of an industrial compressed air system assesses and provides the user with a comprehensive view of the parameters that determine efficient functioning thereof. The team installs the measurement equipment and performs the destructive and nondestructive tests necessary.

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