revil exposes Single-girder Rolling Bridge with State-of-the-Art Technology to meet the Internal and External Logistics of Companies

revil exposes Single-girder Rolling Bridge with State-of-the-Art Technology to meet the Internal and External Logistics of Companies

Brevil-Rolling-BridgeThe Monoviga Rolling Bridge that Brevil exhibits at Intermach is manufactured with cutting-edge technology and the projects have the characteristic of meeting the needs of each client. Brevil performs the assembly, repowering and technical assistance of its equipment throughout Brazil to meet the demands of internal and external logistics, with national manufacture.

The motors coupled to the bridges have an integrated system that consumes less energy and the inverters have a regenerative energy system, which returns the excess energy that reaches the equipment to the electrical grid.


Brevil constantly invests in equipment innovation to assist in the internal and external logistics of companies in the most varied segments, in addition to offering the market the most diverse solutions in cargo handling and lifting. Brevil’s products are known for their high quality, robustness, durability, guarantee and compliance with National and International Standards, in addition to the ease and safety in handling.

The company also provides special projects aimed at the most diverse internal and external logistics needs, such as overhead cranes for specific loads, transfer carts, cantilevered gantries, semi gantry cranes, electric hoists, among others. Brevil equipment is assembled, tested and calibrated at the factory, which speeds up the assembly for the customer.

Brevil’s internal and external logistics equipment is produced in compliance with the safety standards outlined in NR-12, proven through a technical report, which accompanies the data book.


Based in Rio do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brevil currently has a manufacturing/administrative park with more than 7,600 m², in an area of ​​54,000 m². It operates in the market of equipment for the handling and lifting of loads, with its own technology and national manufacturing for internal and external logistics of companies.

Brevil serves the most diverse segments, such as boiler feed, civil construction, foundry, power generation (PCH, CGH and UHE), pulp and paper, steel distribution, refrigerators, machinery factory, wood and plywood sectors, metalwork, glass factory and distributors, container handling, logistics, among others.

Manufactures high quality equipment such as Overhead Cranes (Monoviga and Double Beam), Gantry and Semi-Port Cranes (Monoviga and Double Beam), Electric Hoists, Monorails, Transfer Cars and Rotating Arms for the most differentiated demands of internal and external logistics.