16 de June de 2019

Motiwak disseminates technology to manufacture high precision standard and special parts of mold and stamps components

The differentiated technology and the capacity to manufacture high precision standard and special parts of mold and stamp components will be the highlight presented by Motiwak on its stand at Intermach. The products are meant to serve the different needs of the metalworking industry in general. The product options include […]
10 de June de 2019

Vertec delivers complete marking and traceability solutions for the 4.0 Industry

Vertec, a specialized company in marking and traceability solutions, presents at Intermach the equipment options for these services focused on the needs of the 4.0 Industry. The products differentiate for their compact, robust, with high efficiency and cutting-edge technologies. Vertec develops applied solutions for marking, coding and identification of products […]
10 de June de 2019

Brazil Inox highlights its differential in imported products

Brazil Inox, a specialized company in the supply of stainless steel in several formats, highlights in its booth at Intermach the price differential in imported products and the provision of fractionated material, according to customer needs. By doing so, unnecessary leftovers and costs are avoided with the purchase of spare […]
5 de June de 2019

19th Technical Seminar of Industrial Automation will be carried out by the ISA Curitiba Section in parallel to Intermach

The 19th Technical Seminar on Industrial Automation organized by the ISA Curitiba Section, in parallel to Intermach 2019, will discuss trends in the instrumentation, control systems and automation market, on September 18 and 19, in Joinville / SC (State of Santa Catarina). The program will include lectures by renowned specialists […]
31 de May de 2019

ABIMAQ will present reading and interpretation of the new NR 12 in a workshop at Intermach

The changes and challenges of the new change of NR 12 will be in evidence at the workshop that ABIMAQ – Brazilian Machinery Builders Association promotes at Intermach, on September 18th, from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM, in Joinville. The specialist Sidney Esteves Peinado, will present the theme “The new […]
31 de May de 2019

Air Clean displays demister for machine tools

The demister for machine tools, which will be displayed by Air Clean at Intermach, aims to separate mist by means of centrifugation and to filter the environment’s solid particles. In this centrifugation process, the exemption of air mist thrown out of the machine reaches 99.95% of efficiency. After centrifugation, the […]