Pneumatic Equipments and Industrial Automation solutions from Werk-Schott at Intermach Brazil

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Pneumatic Equipments and Industrial Automation solutions from Werk-Schott at Intermach Brazil

intermach-werk-schott- pneumatic-equipmentsThe largest national manufacturer of pneumatic equipments in Brazil, specializing in solutions for industrial automation, Werk-Schott has products that have different injection, modern design and optimization in production and machining processes. Among the most recent launches that can be seen at Intermach are inductive sensors, digital pressure sensors, proportional pressure sensing valve and optical beacon.

Werk-Schott differentiates itself by always seeking a high quality standard, from the design phase to the assembly. The pneumatic equipments products line includes pneumatic cylinders, air preparation unit, automotive line of buses / trucks, valves, tubes and connections, cylinder accessories, directional valves, process and pulse valves with sleeve filters.

The production of pneumatic equipments for industrial automation

With factories installed in Mirassol, São Paulo and Novo Hamburgo, in Rio Grande do Sul, Werk-Schott has employees all over the national territory. The team of qualified professionals, the adequate structure and the strong and responsible management are differentials that conquer the credibility of the customers. The company has been in the market since 1984 and has more than 35 years of activities in the development of pneumatic equipment, believing in the Brazilian potential and meeting the needs of the country’s industry.

Differentials from Werk-Schott

Werk-Schott stands out for keeping itself in line with the economic reality and the technical needs of the Brazilian market. It aims to provide pneumatic equipment, constantly seeking to promote the improvement of products, processes and increase the satisfaction of our customers.

This concern is in every detail, in the machining precision, in the perfect finishing of the dies, in the technology used in the manufacturing processes, in the personalized service by our sales team and in the effective logistics.

The company has permanent stock of the main components of production, and has a modern structure, which guarantees productivity and agility in delivery. The result is reflected in a dynamic and competitive marketing model. Pneumatic equipment meets the needs of various industry segments, such as metallurgy, leather goods, furniture, automotive, among other sectors of industrial automation.