History of Intermach


Intermach 1997 - The First Edition


Intermach 1999

EXHIBITORS: 360 exhibitors
VISITORS: 50 thousand buyers
BUSINESS GENERATED - R$: 100 thousand in business

The second edition become an important tool for metalmechanic companies and get support from associations like: ABIMAQ - Brazilian Machine and Equipaments Builders Association, Abiplast - Brazilian Plastic Industry Association and others.


Intermach 2001

EXHIBITORS: 170 exhibitors / 350 companies
VISITORS: 55 thousand buyers
BUSINESS GENERATED - R$: 100 millions in business

Intermach'2001 - consolidated as one of the biggest fairs of the sector in the country by its scope and the representativeness of the companies exhibiting. More than 350 companies from all over Brazil and representatives of international brands participated in 170 stands, such as Festo, Romi, Meggaton, Deb'Maq, Bosch, Gühring, Sandvik, Albrecht, Kennametal Hertel, Index Traubb, Balluf, Newton and Weidmüller. In the five days of the fair, 55,000 people passed the Expoville Pavilion, mainly visitors from the three southern states, São Paulo and Argentina.


Intermach 2003

EXHIBITORS: 200 exhibitors / 320 trades
VISITORS: 55 thousand visitors
VALUE IN BUSINESS GENERATED - R$: 120 millions in business

In its fourth edition, Intermach brought together 320 Brazilian companies and representatives of international brands such as Festo, Meggaton, Romi, Deb'Maq, SEW, Ergomat, Sartiec, Eletro Nacional, Schulz and Newton among others. About 55,000 people from 12 states, Argentina and Italy went through Expoville in the five days of the fair. One of the aspects most praised by the exhibitors was the quality of the visiting public, enabling contacts and closing of new businesses.


Intermach 2005

EXHIBITORS: 185 exhibitors / 350 trades
VISITORS: 35 thousans visitores
BUSINESS GENERATED - R$: 138 million in business

The fair brought together about 350 companies in 185 stands. Due to the positive results, most of the exhibitors had already reserved booths for the next edition and guaranteed better and bigger spaces. This year, the event was with the entire area occupied and a waiting list with more than 50 exhibitors was formed.


Intermach 2007

EXHIBITORS: 450 exhibitors
VISITORS: 35 thousand visitors
VALUE IN BUSINESS - R$: 180 million in business

Intermach brought together 450 exhibitors from Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and São Paulo. Among the sectors represented at the fair were: machine tools, molds, welding systems, automation systems, internal transport systems, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, three-dimensional and integrated machines, parts, accessories and auxiliary equipment, mechanical components, pneumatic components, power tools, software, metrology, hydraulic fluids and cutting lubricants.


Intermach 2009

EXHIBITORS: 500 companies
VISITORS: 30 thousand visitors
VALUE IN BUSINESS - R$: 200 million in business

Intermach 2009 ended in a climate of optimism among exhibitors, visitors and organizers of the fair. The results of the fair demonstrate that the crisis had been moving away and the economy would react positively. During the 5 days of the fair, more than 30 thousand people visited the booths of the 500 companies of products of the segment, coming from 20 Brazilian states. Highlight for the three southern states that concentrated 85% of the origin of the visitors. The fair was also visited by foreigners from Germany, Argentina, Chile, the United States, France, Italy and Portugal.


Intermach 2011

EXHIBITORS: 550 companies
VISITORS: 32 thousand visitors
VALUE IN BUSINESS - R$: 350 million in business

The fair received 32 thousand visitors, a number that grew 7% in relation to the previous edition, mainly due to the increase in visits coming from Paraná. The atmosphere of satisfaction and admiration with the level of quality and good business in Intermach 2011 is unanimous between exhibitors and visitors in the stands and corridors of the fair. And 2011 edition packed the 3 pavilions of Expoville.


Intermach 2013

EXHIBITORS 550 companies
VISITORS: 32 thounsand visitors
VALUE IN BUSINESS - R$: 360 million in business

Fair is consecrated as the largest in metal-mechanic sector in the country's south of Brazil. The fair has proved to be an important business tool, which underpins the exhibitors' sales strategy throughout the year. In the next six months, it should move around R $ 360 million in business, including the contacts made in the Round Business, organized by the Santa Catarina Business and Subcontracting Association.


Intermach 2015

EXHIBITORS: 300 companies
VISITORS: 22 thousand visitors
VALUE IN BUSINESS - R$: 180 million in business

Intermach surprised us with regard to qualifying visitors. The level has increased over the days and we can see the satisfaction and the enthusiasm of the exhibitors with the contacts and business closed at the fair.


Intermach 2017

EXHIBITORS: 150 companies
VISITORS: 18 thounsand visitors from 13 brazilian states
VALUE IN BUSINESS - R$: 110 million in business

The national economy had not yet registered the best throughout the year. But the 11th edition of Intermach 2017 followed the signs of market resurgence and surprised the organization with the results and state-of-the-art technology evidenced in virtually every booth and lecture.


Intermach 2019 - Recovery of the Economy

EXHIBITORS: 200 companies
VISITORS: 22 thounsand visitors from 20 brazilian states and 6 countries and 378 cities
VALUE IN BUSINESS - R$: 200 million in business

The intermach was marked by the search of visitors at the fair for solutions such as Machines and Automation, according to a survey with visitors. In this edition, simultaneous events were also highlighted with free content focused on metrology, measurements, presentation of cases from brands such as BMW, GM, VOLVO, BOTICÁRIO. Exhibitors' workshops with more than 25 lectures moved the auditoriums. The Welding Championship that took place inside the pavilions also brought a lot of movement to the corridors and spontaneous media dissemination. The Automation seminar in partnership with ISA CURITIBA, brought valuable content aimed at industrial automation. The edition of Intermach 2019 followed the signs of a resumption of the market and marked the year for industry in the south of Brazil that was present at the event.


Intermach 2022 - Audience and Business Record Post-Pandemic

300 National and International Brands
VISITORS: 24,000 professionals from 17 states and 508 cities
BUSINESS VALUE: R$ 300 million in deals within 12 months post fair

Intermach 2022 is the first edition to be held after Covid-19 restrictions. Confirming predictions of increased demand, the fair grew compared to the previous edition.

In addition to a larger number of visitors overall, many came from other states, showing that the market continues to invest in business events as an important tool for overcoming challenges.


Intermach 2023

The 14th edition of Intermach, held from July 11 to 14, 2023, in Joinville, SC, attracted 22,000 visitors from 17 states and 508 cities and is expected to generate R$300 million in business. The fair saw a 10% growth in exhibition area compared to the previous edition.

The event featured 300 exhibitors showcasing technological innovations, with a focus on industrial automation and digital transformation. The fair also provided a conducive environment for networking and partnerships in the metalworking sector.


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